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Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Ever killed a houseplant..? Us too.

We have always loved plants but found the advice on offer confusing. As former plant serial killers we’ve invested A LOT of time learning before creating Planty Haus. We don’t want to just sell plants; we want to help you let them thrive.

Looking back we failed because, if we are honest, we only had one approach to every plant in our keeping. If they liked it they survived, if not, they died. Or perhaps even worse hung miserably on in there for years?

There is no such thing as a Houseplant

The transition from this sorry state started with one, rather obvious, revelation. What could be regarded as the first rule of Planty Haus. That there is no such thing as a house or indoor plant. Just a plant you are persuading to come and live with you. So you need to understand enough about where it originated from & how it lived there to best mimic the conditions in which it evolved.

Stands to reason that the more you can make it feel at home the happier it will be? Though most plants wouldn’t last in a house. They require things, like lots & lots of direct, or a very deep root run, which it would be impossible to provide. Unless you were willing to dig under your floor boards or take your roof off? With the exception of cacti & other south facing window sill dwellers most (so called) houseplants would like to live under sub-tropical trees or in other semi-shady habitats. They can therefore thrive in the indirect light & warmth provided in our homes.

Some are a little fussy. There are those which will not tolerate any drafts or exposure to cold. Some need humidity to thrive. Others require you to take some additional action; like placing them in a cold spot for a bit, to trigger some aspect of their development. Whether or not you are willing to take these extra steps depends entirely on the digs you have on offer & how much you are in love with that plant? You can, however, surround yourself with lush and tropical greenery with relative ease. It is all about choosing the right plants.

So far so easy?

You might hope so. The trouble is that plants are not named for the ease of those who look after them. It is perfectly possible that two members of the same family with very similar names will require very different care. Whilst they might be genetically related they have, over time, adapted to very different living conditions within the same geographical area.

The Peperomias are a good example of this. A hugely diverse family of 1,800 members (& still counting) so that #Peperomiarotundifolia needs watering as often as a #Tradescantia whilst #Peperomiarotundifoliafiresparks seems to want to rot immediately if it just looks at a watering can.

So we won’t lie, it is not simple but, with the right source of advice, easily attainable. There is such satisfaction of learning how to care for them so when you get it right you can feel as if you are the co-creator of every miraculous new leaf as it unfurls. Which is why our plant range Easy Care Plants | Planty Haus all come with their own complete #plantcare guide & have been selected because they grow well in UK homes. So stick with us & we will show you how :)

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