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Watering Your Plants

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

The easiest way to kill a precious plant is by over watering it. This does not mean that when you water you are giving the plant too much. It is that you are watering too often. Or are leaving the plant sitting in water.

How often is too often?

How much water depends on both the season & the conditions in which that plant has adapted to live. All plants require more frequent watering whilst they are growing. However some; succulents & semi-succulents (including the likes of #Hoyas), can't rely on regular access to water in the wild so have evolved the capacity to take up excess water in their leaves, stems &/or roots. These plants require you to allow not only the reserves of water in the growing medium, but also that in their leaves, to be used before you water them again. The so called; drought & drench method.

Less is more

Plants with very thin leaves, such as #birdsnestfern #tradescantia & #peperomiarotundifolia, have less capacity to store water in & lose more from, the surface of their leaves. These type of plants tend to come from river courses so enjoy their growing medium to be kept fairly moist, but not damp. Even these river side dwellers do not like sitting in water. If there is one golden rule to watering the plants you have living in your house it would be this; less is better than more.

Help me I am a serial over-waterer!

Sometimes we just can't help ourselves? We get a new plant & want to be nice to it. We re-pot them as soon as they arrive just to make them feel welcome. We water too frequently just 'cause we like interacting with them. If that sounds like you there are things that will help. Increase the drainage capacity of all your plants by adding grit, or perlite or by keeping them in terracotta pots. Engage in displacement activity; mist or clean the leaves. Or just accept that it is your nature & keep plants which enjoy that kind of attention?

& when you do it DO IT

Totally soak the root ball until the water runs out the drainage holes & only then put it back in a cover pot. Like us, plants hate being left sitting with their bottoms wet.

Come & see what we have on offer Easy Care Plants | Planty Haus from plants which require very infrequent watering to those who need a bit more tending. #plantcare #guidetowatering #indoorplantcare

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