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Welcome to Planty Haus
The Home Of Beautiful, Rare, And Exotic House Plants

Welcome to Planty Haus; the home of rare & beautiful exotic house plants.

Based in Liverpool, we ship to all parts of the UK so if you’re looking for something unique to brighten your home, you’re bound to find something you love here. 


Our house plants are categorised by the types of light they need, such as direct light, indirect and low light.


The philosophy behind this is so that you can select the

best house plants for each of the environments you have in your home. This way, you can confidently invest in a plant you love knowing that you can easily care for it and keep thriving. 


So as well as buying house plants, you can also find a wealth of professional tips, advice and guidance on keeping your plants happy and healthy. 


And if you have any questions or would like help choosing plants for your space, get in touch! We’re more than happy to answer any questions you have, big or small!

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About Planty Haus & The House Plants We Sell

​At Planty Haus, we’re so passionate about house plants that we want to make the buying process and keeping your plants happy as simple yet informative as possible. 

We want you to be certain that you can take your plants away and that they will thrive in your care. So as well as helping you choose every plant, your purchase comes with its own beautiful comprehensive easy-to-follow care card that isn’t one of those tiny confusing ones you get with supermarket bought house plants.  


We are also always happy to give more specific care & advice if you contact us directly.  


We also stock plants which we know (because we keep them ourselves) are the most suitable for living in UK homes.  


You can head here to learn more about us and our company.

Buy House Plants That Like Direct Light

Direct light house plants are the ones that love the sunshine. In fact, they need it in order to thrive. 

So if you have a sunny window space that's looking bare, head here to browse our range of house plants for direct light.


Buy House Plants For Indirect Light


Not all plants can tolerate a lot of direct light on their leaves, particularly during the middle of the day, yet they still need a nice bright position in order to thrive.  

​We stock a wide range of plants that love good but mostly indirect light so are perfect for a west or east-facing window or further back in a south-facing room. 


Here you can find our wide range of house plants for indirect light.

Buy House Plants For Low Light

​Low light house plants fall into two categories; those that are adapted to low light conditions because they are adapted to these conditions as well as those that can tolerate a wide range of light conditions.


This means that whatever light conditions you have available you can find a plant which will thrive there & you can 

Click here to browse our range of house plants for low light.


House Plants On Sale And Special Offers

We all love a bargain and on our “sale” page you can find all of the house plants we have on sale right now as well as discounts on plant bundles. 


Some plants have as much as 50% off and we change what’s available all the time. If you’re plant-obsessed like we are, why not join our mailing list? We’ll email you whenever we have new plants on sale so you can get first dibs.

House Plants In Liverpool

Planty Haus is one of Liverpool’s few plant sellers which place so much focus on the needs of  house plants and on helping you watch them thrive in your home.  We also sell prints, pots and other plant-related goodies

Our house plants are grown with love right in the heart of Liverpool. We’re located close to the historic Newsham Park, a public park designed by Kemp at the very time when plant hunters were starting to bring exotic plants from all over the world back to the homes and glass houses of their wealthy benefactors.


So if you’re in Liverpool or Merseyside and would like to browse our house plants, get in touch. You can find us at events and makers markets all over the city each week. 

So if you’re looking for house plants in Liverpool, we would love to help.

House Plant Care Tips And Advice

As well as selling house plants on our website, we also provide lots of tips, advice and guidance about looking after them. 

For every plant we sell we provide a detailed plant care card. This tells you how to look after your plant, including where to put it, how and when to water, feed and re-pot it as well as how to propagate so that you can spread the love to your friends or expand your house plant collection.


We know that investing in house plants is an investment in our mental health & well-being because by looking after them they look after us. So we want to make it as pleasurable, easy & straightforward as possible to look after the house plants you buy from us all year round. 

If you want to start discovering house plant care tips and advice, visit our blog here. Or you can head here to see our house plant FAQ.

Get Help With Interior Design And House Plants

Many of us house plant lovers want nothing more than to be surrounded by lush green life in our homes.


But knowing how to design our interiors so that our house plants both do well and look aesthetically pleasing is challenging.


Plants are not ornaments so although we may love how a Monstera looks by our South facing window placing it there will result in its leaves turning yellow and their edges black.  

Designing your interior space with house plants in mind not only needs to take into account their light requirements it also needs to be informed by their sensitivity to humidity and temperature as well as by their growth habits. 


There is so much potential for including plants in your vision for your space because there is a plant for every situation, you just need to find the perfect one. 


That is where we are here to help. 

Your choice also needs to be informed by how much time, energy and effort you want to choose to invest in your indoor garden. 


Is your heart set on a lush jungle feel or a yearning for a low-maintenance but architecturally stunning collection?  


Either way, or both, we can guide you to the right plants for you. 

We specialise in providing consultations and advice on house plants for offices and homes. We can help you with your interior design plans and can help you achieve your vision of what you want your home to look and feel like. 

Get in touch with us here to book a call.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)About House Plants

Below, you can find answers to some frequently asked questions about house plants. Don’t forget to check our blog and FAQ pages to find out more.

How Often Should You Water House Plants?

House plants come from a very wide range of habitats from deserts to humid tropical rainforests. So each has its own watering needs. When you choose your plant gain an understanding of the conditions it adapted to in the wild & strive to emulate these by the way you look after that particular plant in your home.  


For example, plants adapted to desert environments, like cacti, may only require watering every couple of months whilst ferns adapted to moist riverside environments may require watering every week.

How Do I Stop Flies In House Plants?

If you notice small black flies around your house plants these are probably Fungus Gnats which hatch from larvae on the surface of the growing medium and are most common in houseplants which prefer their growing medium to remain moist.


There are a number of ways to tackle these:

  • Remove & replace the top 3 cm of the growing medium. Fungus gnats lay on the top of the growing medium so replacing it removes the un-hatched larva. 

  • Top dress using gravel to discourage the adults from laying eggs on the top of the growing medium. 

  • Use sticky fly traps to attract & trap the adults. 

  • Buy some Steinernema feltiae nematodes which will consume the Fungus Gnat larva. These are widely available from online suppliers. 


If you’ve only got a few house plants, try growing a sundew (Drosera) nearby, as these sticky carnivorous plants are very good at trapping fungus gnats.

What Compost Is Best For House Plants?

House plants come from a wide range of environments and the diverse range of mediums in which they will thrive are a reflection of this. 


Some, like desert-dwelling plants, require a very fast-draining medium with low levels of fertility whereas others, such as begonias, love moisture-retentive and humus-rich growing mediums.   


You can find specialist mixes or make your own informed by the origins of the plant you want to care for.  Growing mediums are combinations of organic and none organic matter (such as perlite, grit, sand etc) depending on the needs of the plant.

Where Can I Buy House Plants Near Me?

House plants are increasingly popular and there is a wide range of places which sell them but if you are looking for something special we would always recommend looking for specialist house plant sellers like ourselves. 


Here you are more likely to find something unusual & people who can give you expert advice as to what fits your needs. 


They should also be able to assure you that the plants have not been hot-housed and therefore will easily make the transition to your home. 


They should also be willing to provide follow-up care and guidance.  If you’re looking for house plants in Liverpool or Merseyside we can help, though we ship all over the country.

Can You Take Plants With You When You Move House In The UK?

Of course! Anyone who really loves plants can enable them to live for years, if not decades and therefore wouldn’t consider for a moment leaving them behind for a moment when they move. 


There are risks in this upheaval as, depending on how long they have been growing where they are, they can be vulnerable to transition shock. 


However the closer you can match their new location, in terms of light, humidity and temperature, to their original one the more comfortably they will make the move.

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