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About Us 

We don’t just sell house plants; we help you to help them thrive.  

Our plant range is carefully selected to grow well in UK homes and each one comes with a complete care guide.

Here at Planty Haus, we sell a wide range of indoor and house plants, including rare and exotic species that are all designed to live alongside us in our homes.

Who We Are

We believe that house plants are an investment in our health and well-being. The connections we can forge with our plants can lift us up, give us satisfaction and bring us closer to nature, all in the comfort of our own home.


With our decades of experience caring for and growing house plants, we understand the needs of different species, the type of light that plants can tolerate and how you can care for them and make them grow.


We can help you create an indoor space that’s alive and vibrant and enriches your soul as well as your life. 


Based in Liverpool, we promote home-grown house plants and care that’s centred around love and appreciation for our leafy friends, though our unique hybrid species can withstand a bit of neglect to match up with our busy lifestyles.


We’re always happy to answer any questions you may have, be it about house plant care or about the plants we have for sale. You can send us an email by writing to:

Company Information

Our company is registered in the United Kingdom. Our Companies House number is 13319951. You can find our full company information here


Our registered address is 7 Belmont Drive, Liverpool, England, L6 7UW.


Our email address is


You can also head here to contact us (ADD LINK)

Our Policies And Procedures 

Below, you can find links to our different policies for using this site, as well as the likes of our complaints procedure. 


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