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The Tree Lovers - Philodendrons

In the beginning ...

We have always loved plants & for years, in a rather haphazard way, tried to keep them in our house. In retrospect we only had one approach to all of them. If they survived that, they survived us. What changed it were #philodendrons A #philodendronscandensmicans to be precise. So seductive that it's common name is the #velvetvine. Little wonder we wanted to work out how to get it to stay?

What's in a name?

A plant's Latin name tells you their genetic relationship with one another. These can appear a bit off putting? But there is poetry here too. Philodendron means lover of trees from Philo, lover & dendron, tree. They can also give you useful information about the plant's habit. The word scandens, as in Philodendron Scandens, means a tendency to climb.

A plant's name will also tell you whether it occurs naturally or whether it is a cultivar. This is a variant which was noticed in the nursery & was stable enough to be propagated on. You know this as their name includes a final description in inverted commas. #philodendronscandensbrasil & #philodendronscadensmican are both cultivars. This can be important to know. Often cultivars have characteristics, such as variegation, which means that the plant is, genetically speaking, inferior to its wilder cousins. White patches on a leaf look good to us they are doing nothing for the plant as it indicates a complete absence of #chloroform. These plants are, inevitably, more sensitive to being moved or cold, slower growing & more susceptible to pests & disease.

But there's more!

Whilst a name tells you much its good to know a little more about how it lived before you care for it. Just because they are in the same family, genetically speaking, it would be wrong to think that a #philodendronpinkprincess & a #philodendronscandens had exactly the same care needs. The main reason for this is that the former is related to a plant which is largely #terrestrial (it grows in the ground) whilst the latter is a #epiphyte which means that it grows in trees.

Caring for #epiphytes requires you to let them to get pot bound, restrain yourself when feeding them & subject them to the #droughtanddrench watering technique. The cultivars, like our beloved #philodendronscandensmicans are particularly sensitive to being over water. However, your #pinkprincess or #philodendronruby will require a little more room, more water & more food. But worry not, we have your back. If you buy from us Easy Care Plants | Planty Haus your plants will all come with their own comprehensive care card so you know exactly what they need from you to be happy.

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