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Summer is coming :) 3 Things to do now that your plants will love

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

As the days become longer and temperatures rise your houseplants will respond and begin growing. In the plant nusery, where we keep temperatures a bit higher to promote propogation, the evidence of the change in season is already clear to see. Now is the perfect time to set your plants up to thrive all summer. To help them here is are 3 things it is essential to do now.

  • Assess your plants to see if they need re-potting. Spring is the perfect time to rehouse your plants as they have the greatest chance to respond to their new surroundings. But make an assessment. Some plants, like #hoyas have very fine roots and like to be pot bound. Only repot if there are clear signs that the plant has outgrown its current home and then go up only one, or maximum, two pot sizes.

  • Clean the leaves of your plants & assess them for any sign of pests or disease. Cleaning leaves makes sure that your plant can #photosynthesise effeciently by ensureing that the stomata (its breathing holes) are not blocked. This is a good time to make sure that there are no pests on your plants and take early action if there are.

  • Start to feed your plants. Your plants get most of what they need through a combination of sunlight and water but they need assess to micro-nutrients & microbial fungi to enable them to repair damaged cells & fight off infections & disease. Your plant will soon exhaust the supply of provided in the growing medium it was supplied in &, to maintain your plant's health you need to supplement it. Do this by either applying worm casts to the top of the growing medium or by providing a liquid feed when you water your plants. Adust the level of nutrient depending on the requirements of your specific plant. For more see

These are not jobs but chances to reaquaint yourself with your plants so that you can thoroughly enjoy the warmer days content in the knowledge that they are happy. As we all know #happyplantsmakehappypeople or at least happier people. :)

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