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Spring: 5 Things to do right now

As the days start getting longer and the temperatures warmer it is the perfect time to set your plants up to thrive all year long. Here are our top 5 tips for success.

1.      Clean your plants

Even in the cleanest house the leaves of your plants collect dust. Like us plants breathe & they do so through small holes on the leaves called #stomata These are the tiny openings present on the #epidermis of leaves. Stomata play an important role in gaseous exchange and #photosynthesis & cleaning dust from them will improve the health of your plant. You can buy leaf shine products but we find a diluted soap mixture & a micro cloth suffices.

2. Remove dead or dying leaves

It is good practice to removed dead or dying leaves quickly from your plant & from the top of the growing medium. This decreases the likelihood of your plant falling prey to fungal or bacterial infections & increases the air flow around your plant.

3. Check for Pests

It is nearly impossible to keep plants in your house & never encounter a pest. This is particularly true in spring when sap sucking aphids such as green & white fly are breeding & can easily come into your house through an open door or window. The trick is to spot them early & deal with them whilst numbers are low. Check the new growth for any signs of infestation & under the leaves at the base of the plant for any signs of eggs or leaf damage. Remove any damaged leaf material & treat.

4. Assess for re-potting

If your plants require a bigger pot spring is an ideal time to re-pot. However do not be tempted to do this too soon or to be over 'generous' in the size of pot you choose. Wait until your plant shows clear signs of out growing its current pot such as roots appearing through the drainage holes. Make sure you choose the correct growing medium for your plant & only go up one, maximum 2 pot sizes. Too much empty soil can act as a water reservoir increasing the chances of #root rot

5. Start feeding your plants

It is said that plants 'eat sunlight' & whilst it is true that they can make most of what they need through #photosynthesis they still require micro-nutrients to make & repair cells. These nutrients are water soluble & are taken up through their roots from the growing medium & over time these are exhausted & need to be replenished. You can do this by adding feed to your watering can or top dressing your plant with #wormcasts. Spring is the ideal time to do this.

Take these 5 steps for your houseplants this spring & they will thank, love & reward you all year long.

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