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Seasonal Houseplant Care Tips for the long, hot days of Summer

It is getting hot so ...

Essential Tips for Preventing Sunburn to Your Plants

When it is hot & sunny outside it is worth just checking the positioning of the plants growing in your house so that they are not adversely affected by it. A plant which has been happily sitting on a window sill & enjoyed the light filtering through the clouds on a, mostly, rainy Summer's day could be scorched by unfiltered noon day light on a hot sunny day. Even plants adapted to very hot exposed conditions may still struggle as light is amplified as it shines through glass. It might not kill them but it might turn them yellow as they produce pigment to protect their cells. Bring them further into the room or, if you are outside enjoying the weather, leave your curtains drawn.

Check more regularly to see if they need watering

Photosynthesis is the combination of water & sunlight to create carbohydrates.  So the more light your plant is getting on these long, hot, sunny days the more water they will need.  So check in them more regularly to see if they need anything from you. When you do water make sure that you remove the plant from its cover pot & completely drench the growing medium.  Let the excess water drain away completely before replacing your plant in its cover pot. 

Provide Your Plants with Proper Nutrition

If you want lush, thriving plants, it is essential that you feed them while they are in growth. This is particularly important when they are creating lush new growth, as micro-nutrients help with the formation of new cells. These nutrients are quickly depleted from the pot, so you will need to replace them. There are a number of ways to get nutrients to your plants. For further details, see

The Importance of Cleaning your Houseplants

Plants breathe through holes in their leaves & this process of taking in carbon dioxide & breathing out oxygen is essential to the life of the plant.  As indoor plants are never rained on its is easy for dust to build up on their leaves blocking these breathing holes, or stomata.  Regular cleaning will ensure that your plant can photosynthesise effectively.

By following our top tips, you can sit back and enjoy watching your houseplants flourish.

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